5 Simple Tricks to Burn Belly Fat

belly-fat Here are 5 simple tricks to help you lose that belly fat and these are so easy you can start today.

1. Eat more fiber in your meals.
You can use supplements Like psillium or glucomanan or eat high fiber foods. Warning if you do use fiber supplements start with a half serving and work your way up to the full serving. They can cause painful gas and bloating if your body isn’t used to this.


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2. Eat healthy fats.
Healthy a fats are not just a nice to have they are critical to healthy metabolism. Choose organic cuts of meat and use coconut oil, organic butter, to cook with. Snack on raw nuts, and seeds. Avoid vegetable oils in cooking and dressings. They will sabotage your weight loss efforts. Olive oil is okay too for low heat cooking and always for dressings.

3. Don’t eat just before bed.
Ideally you should eat nothing 2-3 hours before sleeping. You’ll sleep better and burn more fat.

4. Have fruit and veggies with every meal.
This will help keep your pH out of the acidic range which allows your body to release fat more easily. vegetables should take priority because fruit causes you to store more fat.

5. Eat a low carb high protein breakfast.
Studies have shown that a low carb breakfast with protein and healthy fat causes you to eat less throughout the day. See the blog on this: How Breakfast can Boost Fat Loss

These really do work. I use them myself and of course on clients I’ve coached personally and in the online group programs. Of course there is more you can do but I have to keep it short and sweet.


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Protein Supplements and Heavy Metals? – Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports tested several different brands of protein supplements and found heavy metals. Not good. I don’t have to say it, that people depend on these things to support health. The last thing expected is that they could be damaging to your health.

What the article doesn’t say is how many other brands may have problems as well. The cheap brands are the most prone to contamination or ingredient issues, not just from heavy metals but other contaminants as well. One blogger claimed on her website that her favorite brand was discontinued because the health department found rat droppings in it. Yuck!

Anyway it’s an interesting read check out the article below for more details

Do Protein Drinks contain contaminants and Heavy Metals? – Consumer Reports.

Study: Supplements Aren’t What the Label Says – ABC News Reports

Recently the New York Attorney General took GNC, Walmart, Target, and Walgreens to task for selling supplements that don’t contain what the label says they do. Instead of the claimed ingredients the products contained fillers like wheat. beans, rice and even houseplants. Some products contained none of the listed ingredient, pretty bad and pretty widespread as well.

I’m pretty familiar with this issue since I’ve rep’d for about five different supplement companies. It’s disgusting to me how they mislead consumers. I’ve covered it here before but if you’re wondering how this could happen, it’s because the way the system is set up, the maker is only expected or required by the FDA to include about 30% of the listed ingredients in the product and regulators rely on the supplement maker to check their own work. This is mainly because supplements are considered foods and not drugs.

Generic drugs have the same potency and effects as the equivalent name brands but there is no such thing as a generic nutritional supplement. One maker’s proprietary blend could be mostly fillers while another maker’s may be 100% pure even though the label may say the same thing.

Study: Many Herbal Supplements Aren’t What the Label Says – ABC News.

▶ Modern Foods and Declining Health

Here’s the problem, there are too many dubious ingredients in our foods and on average health has declined since these ingredients have been introduced. Sound familiar? Well, if you’ve ever wondered about this or had any doubts just take a few minutes and watch this quick video.


Study Links Sugar and Health Risk – Diet & Nutrition – Sharecare

“A study of postmenopausal women found those who drink a lot of sweetened beverages have a 78% greater risk of estrogen-dependent type I endometrial cancer (the most common form) compared to women who don’t consume such liquid sugar bombs. And”

From: Skip the Sugar, Add This to Your Drink for a Flavor Boost – Diet & Nutrition – Sharecare.

Running Marathons Unhealthy says Cardiologist

^ZRThink because you run marathons or triathlons you’re bulletproof? You could be deadly wrong according to new findings in research. It seems that repeated running or other forms of vigorous exercise for periods more than 60 minutes at a time causes damage to the heart muscle. This doesn’t change the fact that exercise is still very good for you but for best results moderate exercise or short bouts of intense training are the best bet. For some this is startling news, like fining out the Earth is round but it’s hard to dispute hard evidence.

The takeaways: Vigorous exercise such as running 6 miles per hour or slower for 30-45 minutes and no more than an hour yeild the greatest health gains. Check out the video below for details.

Probiotics and Heart Disease – DrOrgan.net


“researchers have determined that specific strains of probiotics have the ability to target disease-specific risk factors. This is especially true for cardiovascular or heart disease.1-3”

via Probiotics and Heart Disease – DrOrgan.net.

Thirsty work: drinking water can improve reaction times – Telegraph

The researchers discovered that people who drank a pint of water before conducing mental tasks had reaction times that were 14% faster than those who did not have drink.

And, with the current heatwave in mind, the effect was most pronounced among those who were thirsty before doing the task.

The findings underlines how even mild dehydration can impact on a person’s mental performance, the scientists say.

Dr Caroline Edmonds, a psychologist at the University of East London who led study, said: “Reaction time seemed to be most affected by water, particularly if the people were thirsty.

“It might be because

via Thirsty work: drinking water can improve reaction times – Telegraph.

Eye & Vision Slideshows – Sharecare

Super Peeper Food

 See more at Eye & Vision Slideshows – Sharecare.

Secret Program That Triples Fat Loss – Part 2

Back in July I began beta testing program for people who want to lose weight and get their health back. You can read the back story hereTop Secret Program Triples Fat Loss. At the end of the first phase of the program I was down 20 pounds of body fat and 21 pounds total body weight, 206 pounds. Having lost weight similar to this 2 other times in my life gave me a unique perspective. Here is my story with observations.

While in the Air Force in the early 90s I put on some weight and had to get it off or get out. At the time calorie reduction and more exercise was the only solution I was aware of. It did work. I lost about 12 pounds but it took 6 months and I exercised 45-60 minutes a day 5 days a week before duty, 5-6 am. I was getting up around 4am every day to make it to the fitness center so needless to say I was exhausted before the end of the work day most days and I was hungry just about all of the time.

Why did it take so long? Honestly weight loss wasn’t my main goal but also because many of the foods I was eating were sabotaging me even though they were supposed to be healthy and promote weight loss. Unfortunately that is still a big problem today.

During phase 1 of “The Secret Program” I exercised at most 15 minutes a day but most often between 5-10 minutes and no more than 2-3 days a week. I did minimal body weight exercise to maintain strength and muscle mass but other participants did none and still progressed very well. Hunger was never an issue in fact most days I had to remind myself to eat at mealtime and some days I actually forgot. Phase 1 took only 56 days to complete.

Around the time my daughter was born in 2005 I had gained weight again. I was tired and I couldn’t think straight by dinner. I went with the experience I gained in the Air Force to try and get healthy again only this time it didn’t work. Exercise and diet only made me more tired.

I knew I was missing something so I dug in and little by little I learned more about food and the science of nutrition and weight loss. I figured out the diet part of the equation and started making progress. This time around it took about 4 months to lose 28 pounds, down to about 210. I was still hungry on some days and bloated on others. I was hitting the gym about 4-5 days a week 45-90 minutes a day doing strength and cardio workouts.

By contrast, in Phase 1, I did very little exercise, was never hungry or bloated, lost 21 pounds and I feel sharper and healthier than when I was a teenager. Why? The eating plan is a big part, other factors I can’t talk about because of a non disclosure agreement, but I think the supplement regimen is the key.

The supplements are designed to curb hunger and cravings, ramp up metabolism so you burn more fat, flush out toxins that have accumulated over time, and provide vital nutrients to get your body rebooted back to a healthy set point. It’s the only thing I did different that could have made such a difference. The supplement regimen is literally the easy button way to get it done.

I’ve been writing about the subject of health for about 7-8 years now, so I know a little about the subject. And what I see is that when you combine the eating plan, the supplements, and the other factors in the training modules nothing is left to chance. You literally rewire your bad habits so good things happen automatically.

Here are pictures of me before and after phase 1 of The Secret Program that triples fat loss. (Be nice.)

before and after p1 multi small